Grey furniture in room

Optional Climate-Control

Some things that you store may not be sensitive to heat, humidity or extremely cold temperatures but most of the things people store need to keep safe should be in a climate-controlled environment. Before you store, think about what may be more sensitive than you think. Did you know that CD’s and DVD’s are sensitive to heat and humidity?

The Storage Vault of Greer offers the option of climate-controlled storage units. They can also share insight and understanding of moisture and the damage that it can have on household goods if not stored in climate-controlled storage units.

Understanding humidity levels and temperature is important when storing and protecting your furniture.  Warping, cracking and swelling are all enemies of furniture. A constant temperature and a balanced humidity level are essential in protecting your possessions whether they be furniture or artwork.  We take great pride in operating a clean, dry, warm self storage facility that’s safe and affordable for you.